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The Devil's Midway

The Devil’s Midway experience is plagued with the ghosts of 18th century individuals that were attacked by the Devil himself.  Attendants can buy food, purchase merchandise, and engage with the victims of the Jersey Devil's terrifying chilling attacks.

Pine Barrens Maze

Attendants will wind their way through a Pine Barrens inspired maze. Large pine trees, branches, fallen leaves will form the walls of the maze. Ghosts of 18th century victims and the NJ devil will frighten attendants as they make their way through the winding paths. 

Old Mother Leeds' Cottage

Blood Drums Stage

An experiential theater style attraction allowing attendants to experience the origins of the Jersey Devil while witnessing scenes played out in Mother Leeds' residence. 


Witness Blood Drums in person as they perform multiple performances every night.

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-Mother Leeds

The legend of the Jersey Devil is one not for the faint of heart. Folklore claims that the Leeds family was an eccentric one. Mother Leeds was a witch and Father Leeds was a drunkard, described as the Devil himself. Upon learning of the conception of her 13th child, Mother Leeds exclaimed "let this one be a devil!" As the child grew in her belly, she knew her child would be a special one. Legends say that she purposely performed ghastly spells to ensure the Devil's birth. 

On a dark and stormy night in October of 1735, Mother Leeds went into labor. The birth was one of terrible struggle and a physician was called upon to aid the midwife. When the child was born, it was seemingly a perfectly healthy baby boy. Within minutes, much to Mother Leeds excitement, the child began to turn. The changeling suddenly sprouted horns. His head began to morph into that of a goat with terrible Vampirish fangs. Its feet formed into hooves as the fingers on its hands elongated and grew sharp claws. Bat like wings began to expand from his back while a forked tail burst forth from his tailbone. 

The midwife stared in amazement as Mother Leeds began laughing hysterically at the creature she had just birthed. Suddenly, the changeling became aware of his surroundings and turned on the cottage's inhabitants. The first to go was the poor midwife, her throat torn by the creature's razor-sharp claws. The Devil turned to his father next, murdering him in the same hideous manner. Finally, Mother Leeds' own creation of horror turned on his mother, ripping her abdomen to shreds. After the murderous scene unfolded, the monster darted to the fire place and flew out the chimney to wreak havoc on the Pine Barrens area for centuries to come.

As luck would have it, the physician previously called upon to help with the birth had arrived just as the changeling began to turn. He quickly hid inside the cottage's pantry and stole glances to become the only witness to the Devil's birth. His journal entry is below.  

PNC Bank Arts Center

Exit 116 & Garden State Parkway, Holmdel, NJ 07733

1 (800) 745-3000


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The Team

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Artist Group International

Founded in 1986 by CEO Dennis Arfa, Artist Group International (“AGI”) is a leading live entertainment agency that books an expansive roster of musicians, comedians, and sporting events worldwide. AGI collaborates strategically with its clients to identify opportunities for creative growth and financial success in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

AGI is a part of Y Entertainment Group LLC, the Yucaipa Companies’ dedicated entertainment vehicle.

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SRae Productions

SRae Productions is a full service design and production company owned and operated by Sooner Routhier and Robert Long. We pride ourselves in creating, developing, and actualizing full, cohesive and memorable events from early conception to completion through design, direction and production. Additionally, SRae Productions serves as production consultants for various management companies and booking agencies. 

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Blood Drums by Street Drum Corps

Street Drum Corps is a world-renowned, high energy, drum and percussion show formed in Los Angeles in 2004 that performs on musical tours, performing art centers, festivals, theme parks, sporting events, fairs, cruise ships, military bases, private parties, schools and colleges. Founding members Bobby AltAdam Alt and Frank Zummo had a vision to create something unique and unseen in the percussion world. Today SDC has grown into a global movement with honorary members such as Tommy Lee, Adrian Young, Max Weinberg, Shannon Leto, Rob Bourdon, Jeremy Piven, Chad Smith, Matt Sorum, Stephen Perkins, Jose Pasillas, Deryck Whibley, Bert McCracken, Shannon Larkin, Greg Hetson, Roy Mayorga, Hunter Burgan, Jack Irons and more.


XA Live

XA specializes in large format event delivery, with a focus on live production execution, event operations management, safety and crowd dynamics while maximizing guest experience. With roots in the music industry and a concentration on producing and managing diverse world class events, XA will channel the chaotic energy of big ideas into an event that will inspire, connect, and matter.


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